A Guide to start your own SubGen: the essence of SubGen

May 14th 2019 


SubGen is customizable to match each customer’s needs as well as their preferences. Here are all the basic features you can start exploring right away.

Customized Branding and Skinning

Feel free to pick any feature you like based on the SubGen app and SubGen can create your very own version.  

Your Own Native Subscription Program  

Only your theaters and promotions related to your theaters will be displayed

Utilize Dynamic Offerings or Limit Any Screen Format for Any Showtime  

Offer your subscribers to get any format within any specific policies you can set.

Seamless Integration  

Simple integration with your POS (point of sale), loyalty programs and your own marketing tools

Marketing Data  

Improve your team’s marketing capabilities by collecting data on a regular basis and making the best use of SubGen’s unique back-end system. All data is entirely your own and you are fully in charge of it.

Flexible Pricing and Promotion Management  

By leveraging the unique and powerful back-end subscription engine of SubGen, you can create subscription plans with ranging prices, features and set limits on maximum movies per month, usage limits and more.

Accommodating Unique Features  

Upgrades of plans, upcharges of extra tickets, monthly plans, quarterly plans, annual plans, initiation fees, 2D or 3D deals, family plans and couple plans, you name it. SubGen can basically do anything you have on your mind. Create unmatched plans to attract bigger audiences, including young millennials.

Convenient Seat Selection  

The seamless integration with the POS system gives the customers a chance to reserve their seats and provides lovely experience.

All Dashboard Access to View and Manage Your Subscription Program  

The back-end software is capable of analyzing the customer’s needs deeply and can offer customization for enhanced data visualization and more.